Wholesale of handmade espadrilles

At Espadrilles Ibérica we offer you our solid experience in the wholesale of espadrilles, also known as espardeñas or espadrilles. In our history of more than 17 years we have always offered the latest trends in espadrilles, where quality and good design have always gone hand in hand with fashion and sustainability.

We put our professionalism and experience at your service, confident that we will be able to meet all your requirements.

The Espadrilles Ibérica company collaborates in the design, manufacture, distribution and sale of the following styles of hand-sewn espadrilles: Classic, Copete, Camping, Valencian, Salon, Sandal, Blucher, English, Crab, Country, Boot, Ballerinas, Children's espadrilles, Wedding espadrilles, Events, Merchandising, Custom espadrilles... And much more!

Espadrilles manufacturers in Spain

All our espadrilles are 100% Spanish-made and hand-stitched by the best espadrille craftsmen in La Rioja, always made with the same tradition and skill as centuries ago.

At Espadrilles Ibérica we promote the espadrille craft worldwide to help protect and maintain a century-old tradition.

Thanks to the constant effort and long experience of our factories and professional craftsmen, our production of jute espadrilles is able to adapt to the demands of today's market with maximum originality, craftsmanship and quality. We continuously study trends and every year we launch a new and extensive collection for men, women and children, with new colours, fabrics and leathers as well as innovation in sole and platform design, without ever leaving aside our origin as the traditional espadrille line.

espadrilles la rioja

Handmade espadrilles in La Rioja

Our craftsmanship is always of the highest quality, hand-stitched to guarantee footwear products full of details that make them unique. Each espadrille we produce reflects the traditional craftsmanship that our activity aims to transmit. But remember, as it is a handcrafted process, there is a saying that...

"In the imperfection of the craftsmanship is the essence of the espadrille" 

All our products are manufactured with natural and ecological materials. Jute is a natural fibre made from the woody stems of the plant of the same name. This natural material has a great quality that chemical materials cannot offer: it is highly breathable. On the other hand, lhe skins we use and the slices are top quality materials. They are worked in different colours and designs, combining comfort and fashion.


Cervera del Río Alhama

In this traditional village in La Rioja (Spain), espadrilles are handcrafted.

The materials that make up our espadrilles make them practical, comfortable and light, while respecting nature. The espadrille is the most natural footwear available for all ages, allowing you to enjoy the advantages of natural, comfortable and handcrafted footwear made in Spain.

On our website and available catalogues you will be able to see the variety of espadrille families with all the models available for the Spring-Summer 2020 season.

But if what you want is to know our models in person, we make it easy for you, since we maintain a permanent exhibition in Madrid "El Rinconcillo de Cervera" where you can see in first person the quality and variety of all our models.


Yours truly,

The Espadrilles Ibérica team